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Language Immersion Programs


Capistrano is proud to have a  Spanish and English two-way immersion program and a Mandarin and English one-way immersion program.  Immersion programs provide a unique educational model where children learn to think, read, write, and communicate naturally in two languages: English and Spanish or English and Mandarin. Students from many different cultural and linguistic backgrounds study together to be biliterate in both languages.

Why is it Beneficial?

Students achieve dual language proficiency in English and Spanish or English and Mandarin while developing high-level academic skills. Students develop respect and appreciation for other cultures, and experience in working and playing in multicultural settings.

  • Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s long-term education
  • Biliteracy give students the options for careers re-quiring multilingual skills.
  • Bilingualism  helps develop strong thinking and rea-soning skills useful for problem-solving in math and science.

 What are the program goals?

  • Bilingualism: Development of high levels of proficiency in the student’s first language and in a second language.
  • Biliteracy: Perform at or above grade level in academic areas in both languages.
  • Multiculturalism: Demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors, and high levels of self-esteem.

Enrollment Procedures


The immersion program are highly sought-after specialized enrichment programs for students within Capistrano Unified. In order to ensure the program goals are met, classes are filled based on several criteria.


1.TOUR & INTEREST FORM: Success in an immersion program requires a long-term parent commitment and a high level of parent involvement. Whether parents are English, Spanish, or Mandarin speaking, they will need to provide support to their child as he or she studies both languages. Therefore, parents are required to attend an orientation tour and complete an interest form prior to enrolling their child.


2.PARENT INTERVIEW: Parents will complete an interview to assure alignment between parent goals and expectations and program goals and expectations. Parents of English learners are required to sign a waiver to participate in the program based on California Education Code.                                                          


3. ASSESSMENT: Students may be given a school-readiness assessment and possibly a language assessment to determine the level of readiness and proficiency in the primary language. 


4.OPEN ENROLLMENT: Parents who reside outside the school’s regular attendance boundaries will need to complete an Open Enrollment request and return it to the school. Open Enrollment criteria which usually apply include the following priorities:

a.Student has a sibling in the program

b.CUSD student who meets stated criteria for placement in a specific school program.


5.ENROLLMENT PACKET:  Once a child has received written notification that he/she is accepted into the program, parents must complete an enrollment packet and return it to the school office. Failure to return a completed packet within the school’s timeline may result on a waiting list.



More Information

For additional information about the schools that offer this program, please visit their web sites: