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Complaint Information and Resources

School Site Concerns:

If you find yourself at the point of needing to file a formal complaint, we are here to help. Our goal is always to ensure that all complaints, as the first step, have been initiated for resolution with the school site principal and/or department supervisor.

Employee Concerns:

In order to best serve the needs of our employees, concerns about work-related issues are to first be addressed with a department supervisor, who will attempt to resolve the matter.

Please note: Complaint forms are available by opening the links to the complaint titles below.

General Complaints

School Site Concerns:
In order to better serve the needs of our students and the community at large, the Complaints Website has been created to streamline the process for getting assistance with a specific concern which cannot be addressed at the school site. 

Please note that per Board and Education Code, concerns at the school site must be addressed at the site with either the student’s teacher or an administrator. Because there are other concerns that are most appropriately resolved at the site level and because site-level personnel can best guide parents as to whom to contact, the school should be the first point of contact.   Below are a few examples:

  • Class placement/schedules
  • Grades
  • Discipline issues
  • IEP/Special Education Issues
  • Teacher-related issues
  • Activity/Athletic issues
  • Transportation  issues

If your concern/question falls into any of the above categories, please contact your child’s teacher or an administrator.  Decisions related to these issues are made at the site level.

There are two reasons to use the Complaints Website.  

  • You have already made a good faith effort to resolve your concern with your school principal
  • Your concern is not school related.   

In those cases, please complete the online form to request help in the resolution of your concern.  Once submitted, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate individual who will contact you within one working day (excluding weekends and holidays).  Please be aware that information submitted on this website must comply with the district’s civility policy (i.e. no profanity or personal attacks). 

Please do not use this form for denied applications for "School of Choice".  Open Enrollment is a concept that CUSD supports and attempts to honor whenever/wherever possible.  However, applications for Open Enrollment are approved based upon space availability only.  Thus, there is no appeal process for a “denial” application.


Employee Concerns:
In order to better serve the need of our employees, concerns about work-related issues; must be addressed with a department supervisor, who will attempt to resolve the matter.

Capistrano Unified has a detailed procedure for students, parents/guardians, and community members to follow when they seek specific redress regarding a complaint or disagreement about a District issue, situation or action. A complaint form and a full description of the procedure—Board Policy 1312.1(a)—is provided below. 

Uniform Complaints

Definition:  A complaint regarding the violation of specific federal and state programs that use categorical funds.

English Spanish
Board Policy 1312.3 Politica de la Mesa Directiva 1312.3
Uniform Complaint Form Formulario de Proceso Uniforme para Presentar Quejas


Definition:  A Williams Complaint, another type of UCP complaint, regards instructional materials, emergency or urgent facilities conditions that pose a threat to the health and safety of pupils, and teacher vacancy or misassignment.

English Spanish
Williams Uniform Complaint Procedures Procedimiento Uniforme de Quejas Williams
Board Policy 1312.4 Politica de la Mesa Directiva 1312.4
Williams Complaint Form Formulario de Proceso Uniforme William para Presentar Quejas s