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Student Enrollment:

Parents who are new to the area, reside within District attendance boundaries, and are enrolling a student for the first time in Capistrano Unified may enroll their child at the school serving their neighborhood online or in person.

  • There is no need to re-enroll students who are currently enrolled at a CUSD school in grades TK-12.
  • Please note that enrollment is not complete until all information has been reviewed by the school, other school forms are completed and residency has been verified.

 Parents of District students who would like their child to attend a school other than the school serving their neighborhood should follow the process outlined under the School of Choice Program.  Applications are accepted online during the month of February for the following school year.  Applications for students new to CUSD must be obtained at the time of registration with the home school once a student ID number has been issued.

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Please note that enrollment is not complete until all information has been reviewed by the school, other school forms are completed and residency has been verified.

Former students returning to the district (who withdrew from CUSD at least a month ago or longer) may also complete the online enrollment process if they prefer, or can request the new school copies and transfers the records.


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Walk-in Enrollment:

Effective immediately, the following documents are acceptable documents for verification of the pupil’s age:

  1. An official or certified copy of the birth record;
  2. A statement by the local registrar or county recorder certifying the date of birth;
  3. A baptismal certificate or official hospital record of birth;
  4. A passport; or
  5. When none of the above is obtainable, an Affidavit for Proof of Age of Minor signed by the student’s parent/legal guardian may be accepted. Please note, this is not a District created form, this is an affidavit that would be provided to the District.

The District will not require documentation that may indicate a student’s or parent’s national origin or immigration status, such as a passport, to the exclusion of other permissible documentation.

Copies of the above-listed documentation will be accepted and reviewed for verification purposes only; copies shall not be maintained by the school site after the student’s age has been verified.


For immunization requirements please see the following section on Vaccination Requirements



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Parent/Student Portal Accounts

To register for a Parent/Student Portal account, contact your child’s school office for the confidential information needed to add your students to your parent account. The Portal is used to update demographic and emergency contact information, view real-time attendance data, test scores, report cards, transcripts and more.

Kindergarten Parents

Attention Kindergarten Parents!

All neighborhood schools accept registration forms for kindergarten students. Changes in the entry date for kindergarten occurred with the implementation of the Kindergarten Readiness Act in 2010. A child must turn 5 by September 1, of the new school year.

Parents are encouraged to attend kindergarten orientation sessions held in the spring prior to the child entering school in the fall. For more information on kindergarten registration and orientation, please contact individual schools or ask for the District publication, “Welcome to Kindergarten.”