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CUSD stands with our Students , Teachers, Classified Staff, and Community

Capistrano Unified School District is committed to equality, diversity, inclusion, tolerance and human and civil rights for all. We are proud of the diversity in our schools and communities and recognize that our statements and programs must truly reflect our values. We denounce any act of racism, intolerance or discrimination and we are committed to treating all individuals equally, with fairness and kindness.

We value and respect all of our diverse groups of students and we are committed to ensuring their success in school. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where every student, school employee, community member, and parent can expect to be treated with dignity and respect. There is no place for hate in CUSD and we have zero tolerance for any injustices in our school district.

To encourage understanding and acceptance of differences among our students and staff, we established a Cultural Proficiency Task Force in 2019. Their mission is to facilitate measurable systemic change that increases learning outcomes for all students by engaging in on-going reflection to ensure an inclusive environment where students, staff and the community value diversity. Their work to-date includes creating a Cultural Proficiency Plan that will be implemented over a phased approach. Their work includes increasing cultural awareness, justice, tolerance, inclusion, and diversity on our campuses, in our curricula, and District operations.

Let’s all work together to set positive examples for our children and work towards ending racism in our communities.


Kirsten Vital Brulte

Judy Bullockus
President, CUSD Board of Trustees

Resolution 1920-63

Resolution Page 2

Cultural Proficiency Lessons